Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vogue 8615

A little while ago I finished the muslin for my Vogue dress. All in all it's not gone badly. The neckline needed bringing in a bit. I know it's a boat neckine but this is so wide you can see bra strap. The french darts had the tiniest pucker and I have learnt that as a bigger busted lady my darts may need to finish much further away from the bust apex than the pattern states. So I tried shortening them a bit. The only other issue must be with me not the pattern. For some reasont he back seam edges of the bodice and the skirt don't meet. The top is much smaller. I don't know if it's a cutting error, stitching error or a combination of the 2. In this case where I sewed the zip on the skirt part seems about right and the bodice was too tight. So I frakensteined up the bodice to get the fit right.

Now there was one other thing but it's not really an issue right now. This pattern has sleeves. Ha! They are supposed to be set in smooth sleeves. Imagine Victorian School Ma'am sleeves and that was where mine were at. They were also far too tight. Now I do plan on leaving them off the dress I'm gonna make but at some point it would be nice to have a sleeved version so I'm gonna have to practice.

Fast forward a few days and I have finished my first version of this dress. I've not got the darts right yet. They are still a tad on the nipply side. I think that this is part sewing error, part lack of a ham to press them right. But I needed to whip a dress up for a costume so here it is. I've not lined the skirt as I plan to wear a petticoat with it. These pics are terrible, my posture is awful and it really needs ironing. But I was tired and just wanted evidence. I do plan on re-making this one so expect to see an improved version soon.


  1. You are built like me. I like the dress, especially the back . I would wear it. B.
    Now this is funny, my word verification is baste.