Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old Jeans Into an Apron

I made this apron for my mother in-law using an old pair of jeans and some thrift-ed lace and heavy duty strapping.
For the flower I cut out graduated circles and cut into them to make the rough petals. I squeezed each one and rolled it around in my hand to get them frayed, stitched the pile together, made a running stitch along the lace, tightened it up, stitched it down and added the button while securing it to the apron.

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Thanks, Tamara


  1. Thanks, Tamara for your great creativity , i like your apron .

  2. Very thrifty and creative reuse! I bet she loved it!

  3. Cute and creative!

  4. I love it! What a great idea for reusing old jeans.