Sunday, February 20, 2011

Patched Jeans

Trinity's patched jeans

I patched a pair of Trinity pants last night.  It's hard to find stuff that fits right...she's really hippy. (these are Old Navy) I have another pair doesn't have holes yet but she wants me to do. 

The owl and 3 (you can only see 2) flowers at the bottom were iron on patches I found at Jo-Ann's the knees I just cut different size circles.  Before I added the circles I reinforced the knees with those old school iron on patches.  I did that on the inside of the pants.  I also used interfacing on the circles.  I hand sewed them on with embroidery thread.  I also stitched around the iron on patches because they always seem to fall off.  I think they ended up kinda cute :)

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