Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cheap t shirt fabric and I MEAN CHEAP !!!

Hi guys,

I've been very lucky and chanced on some great cheap t shirt fabric.   Its freezing cold here in Sydney at the moment, and I wanted to buy singlets for my girls.  They were $8 each in k mart.   I thought, $8 for a singlet for a child?!  No way.

So I found this great cheap clothing outlet which occasionally puts out its excess fabric cheaply and got these three pieces for one dollar each.

I made 2 x pairs of pj pants for 10 year old girls with the pink/blue.

I made a long sleeved t shirt for me from the black and white stripe.   Adjusted the pattern as it was too short, so I folded up a length and gave myself a nice warm band around the kidneys.  I think this is an 'at home' shirt or bed shirt maybe.  Its not the most flattering but I'm wearing it now and its warm warm warm.

And singlet for Miss 12 year old.

With superior twin needle skillz...
blogged here, although there's not much more to add.


ps - edited to add a singlet from the white, with some purchased trim.   All up I cost this singlet out at $1 including 20c for the fabric (very conservative estimate), 40c for the wide trim and 40c for the narrow trim.

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  1. I have a tutorial for t-shirt bracelets on my blog if you have some extra scrap fabric! It's at