Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is one of my first refashions from last year. Ange from "sew i thought" inspired me to see beauty in the not so beautiful.
Saw this jumper in an op shop for $5. It appealed to me because of the cute "aussie theme" and somehow reminded me of my childhood in New Zealand, altho a Kiwi not a Kangaroo, i could quite possibly have had such a creation in my wardrobe back in the 70's.

Standing there in the op shop i had already conjured up and had a visual image of what it was to become.

My beautiful friend Sally moved over to Canada last year and i decided it was to be a special reminder of home so i whipped it up and sent it over to her.

She sent me a photo of her doing cartwheels in the snow on their road trip thru America altho the photo is too small to post so i have my equally beautiful friend Kate modelling the creation.

Firstly the arms had to go, i thought i would be clever and try and felt it so in the washing machine it went and out it my horror!! there were all these holes in it!!!! Lesson one "you can not felt wool that has elastic running thru it!!"

Thankfully my creative genius was working that day and thanks to the universe, and all the stars being aligned, the southern cross consellation just happened to fit right over the holes!!!!! Blimey! what luck!!! I appliqued those little stars right over the holes and ....tah dah!!
I made a little sweat band out of the Australia on the sleeve too..just for giggles! xx

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