Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello my peeps! I've finally finished the skirt ive been working on for a friend. Its taken ages! Lots of interuptions from little people in my life. School holidays Yay!!

Anyway, this is my first custom order for a fluffnnonsense skirt so am quite chuffed. Lisa is into sailing so i thought id do a nautical theme for her. The only requirements were blue and green. what you think??

I will post a photo of my skirt that i have modelled this on. I think the next one ill do will be a tree and owl theme, i can picture it already..........browns,oranges and greens. xx

Please escuse the quality of photos. They are taken by my 9 year old son who was less than enthused about doing it.


  1. Oh, those are the best blues and greens, too. Love the variety of shapes and textures. And the shoes, too. ;)

  2. Thanks Penny. I went a textile expo the other week, (you would have seriously wet your pants!!) and got some special glue to do my shoes with, now just gotta find the perfect tree piccy. xx