Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daughter's Halloween costume--done!

We went to Scotland over the summer, and saw a parade with a lot of pipe bands, and this seemed like a doable costume to plan for this Halloween. The kilt and blouse she already had; the vest and hat are mine; we bought the socks and shoes. I made the bagpipes, the sporran (little pouch in front of the kilt), and the tabs on the socks. The pipes are made to be fitted around an alto recorder, so she can still "play" the recorder in its disguised form. Pipes and sporran are made from an old scrap of herringbone wool, a cut-up black t-shirt, wooden dowels, a crocheted belt, an old pin, and some craft felt. Still need to make a strap so she doesn't actually have to hold the thing constantly while partying in costume. ;)


  1. This is so cute! I love all things plaid, and this is a beautiful tartan. Is it your family's tartan?
    My sister is a highland dancer, so I've come to love the sound of a bagpipe and she is a pretty darn cute wee lass! (And, how creative that she can actually play it!)

  2. My Scottish family were lowlanders -- cheesemakers and lead miners -- no tartan. But the tag on this kilt said it was Clan Lindsay. (Mother-in-law bought it at a kilt store in Inverness.)

    I quite like pipes too. And in a parade, there's really nothing more stirring. ;)

  3. Oh, I agree. The bagpipes thrill the blood! Haha. I hope your daughter gets lots of treats, and maybe even some shortbread! Have fun!