Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swap-o-rama-rama Report

So I took my daughter and her girlfriend to the Swap-o-rama-rama in Venice CA last month. Great fun! The girls enjoyed the applique station a lot. Meanwhile, I found some goodies to play with:Sat at a table folding and thinking for a while, then put two items back and cut up the other two. I handsewed the whole thing because sewing machines make me use a lot of rude language :) After I got the body of the garment sewn (just two seams), I sat at the embellishments table and made yo-yos with buttons out of the back of the velour shirt. Then it was ridiculously hot in LA for a week, so I couldn't wear my creation, but today I finally did:
I might play with it some more, but it's wearable now and I like it as a layer.

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  1. Thats groovey Miss Penny L
    xx Kelly