Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mummy Me!

We kicked off Halloween this past weekend with Zoo Boo. Our local wildlife zoo decorates the zoo for Halloween for 1 day and all ticket proceeds go to feed the animals through out the winter. I made my costume out of a tea stained sheet, a cream colored table cloth, 2 t-shirts from the husband, and a pair of Ralph Lauren white corduroy pants found at the thrift store!
Zoo Boo 2010
Because I utilized my stash, total cost was under $5!  That's nothing to moan about =:} It took 2-3 days for strip ripping and finally sewing.  I wasted some time figuring out strip placement so they looked more like bandages and not ruffles.  I do believe I'll add a few to tie the top tighter round my middle but other wise I'm happy.  It comes off in 3 pieces, hat, top and pants.
Zoo Boo 2010
Quite comfortable really, with room for a warmer layer of clothing underneath, just like this Mummy likes it.

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