Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Doona to a dirndl and thrifty red skirt

Hi and thank you so much for allowing me to join this community. 

I'm so glad to meet you all and look forward to this being the 'sew retro' of the refashioning world !

My name is Lore and i blog over at sew red hot.   I sew clothes / aprons / quilts / potholders / bags.   You name it.   I'm obsessed!

I have two things to share today.  My refashioning of a doona cover found in a charity shop.  
Into a cute summer dirndl:

Total cost $3.75.

Blogged here 

I have a whole side of the mauve/lilac fabric from the doona cover left over.  If you live in Sydney visit me and it'll be yours.   If you live in the United States -  hey there's a big drive on to come to Australia for a holiday - pop into Sydney and I'll take you and show you the sights and you can take home half a doona in your luggage!   If I get no takers, I suppose it will be good material for a toile/muslin for a tricky pattern.

And my op shop fabric find for $2.50 some great red cotton and lilac lining.

This is blogged here.

So that's my introduction.   Again, nice to meet you and hope to be seeing a lot of you and your creations.

And a big thanks and congratulations to Ninjaeema on this Garde Robe baby and also the upcoming baby!



  1. Oh, the lilac/aqua dirndl is perfect. Such fresh colors!

  2. I love both skirts. The colors combinations are wonderful.

  3. nice! I like the second skirt!;)