Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello my peeps!! its been long.........too long since i posted. Only have a coupla minutes to post before my husband catches me on this damm computer again (bit of housework avoidance!!).
Got a coupla piccys to show you. next week is my kids school fete and a friend of mine Kate ( and I ( are doing a combined stall. Kate makes amazing clothing from retro fabrics, lots of patchwork and groovey stuff. I.... well i do a bit of everything, For the stall i am making large "cheap and cheerful market bags" made from recycled curtain fabrics. so far i have made 28 of them. im hoping they will sell!!!! otherwise i will have them in my etsy shop afterwards.

Anyway!!.......our stall comes under the "umbrella name" of "Retro Groovers" which kinda sums us up really. a little retro, a little bit groovey! i made this amazing bannner to go on the marquee last night, im right chuffed about it and have been dancing about thinking im "all that"!!
i think i have had a little too much coffee and not enough sleep!!!. the bright orange and pink fabric is like a velour like you get on towels except its not towellin on the back. weird stuff but beautiful and lovely and slippy to work with. got a roll at an op shop for $8 it has printed on the edge, 1967. TRUE retro!
also got a couple of links for you that id like to share, just some groovers doing cool things out there. www.craftzine.comblog:newdressaday and

and finally......... this ones for you Penny L Richards!! found these shoes at op shop for $4!!!! arent they totally da bomb!! could just see them stukkied or "Pennyed" as i call it. Im thinking how cool a green tree would look on them. totally obsessed with trees me. To bloody lazy to fancy them up myself but one day you may find a pair of shoes in the post!xx (with return address of course!!) xx

Will post more pics after the fete is over, its seriously taken over my life the last few months and will be glad when its over!
Well my friends, thanks for listening. Feel like ive just sat down with friends and a cuppa except without the cuppa and...........well.... no ahhs and mmmss and ooohhs! comming from my virtual friends. xx kel


  1. OOOOOOHHHH! Those are amazing shoes, and thank you for the nod! Perfect for my treatment. I'd be glad and happy to give them some green trees. But you could too--the fun thing about shoes is they're a small canvas, they take no time at all.

    And greetings to eviegreenpixie! I'm a huge fan of her flickr stream. Very inspiring. ;)

  2. PENNY - I KNOW!!!! thought youd be impressed!! just realised i wrote "stukkied", i dont think thats even a word!.........a cross between gesso and sharpie???
    where do you live? im in Australia. i will pass on greetings to Kate xx

  3. Other side of the ocean! I'm in the Los Angeles area. It's still yesterday here. ;)