Saturday, May 29, 2010

Redo Fail

Well this didn't quite turn out as I imagined. Its not by far the worst thing I have ever made but it feels entirely uncomfortable!

I got this pattern at a local shop.
Its a great design for a hot season here in the desert.

I had gotten this fairly ridiculous suit set thing for a buck a week ago and I thought perhaps it would work for a short cut on this pattern.
I just took in the skirt from the set and cut the top of the dress from the jacket and attached the two but alas the top of the dress just does not fit me at all!! I have a small chest but I feel like im spilling over the sides and the darts do not hit in any sort of flattering area. Plus because I didn't add the buttons in the back the dress is extremely difficult to squeeze over my shoulders.. ugh
So this is going back to the redo pile where it came from. I will probably end up ripping the top off and keeping it a skirt of some sort. I still like the idea of this pattern and I will definitely try to make some adjustments and try again. Read more here on my blog.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!! I HAD that pattern a zillion years ago! I could never get the bust to work out right, either.