Saturday, May 1, 2010

Introduction from Tamara

Hello there, my name is Tamara Thomas and I am happy to be here to share my work of thrift, I'll call it. I am always busy with something and a lot of it involves using recycled items. Sometimes I have time for tutorials and other times I just share what I've made on my blog. Currently, I live far away from family and friends, and I like to keep them posted on what I've been doing, what the family's been doing and how my little boy is growing up. I must admit that I like to show off. I don't get much praise from anyone but my friends and family, so it's fun to get a word of encouragement from strangers every now and then.

I love to visit creative blogs to get inspiration and learn how to make new things, so I look forward to seeing everyone's projects here. I think I'm addicted to tutorials and craft projects. I must have a thousand files saved to my computer and I have plans to d0 them all. I'll have to live to be 150 years old, but I can still try, right?

Anyway, I will post my next refashion soon, but you can look at some of what I have been doing recently by visiting my blog, called Art, Adventures and a Toddler.

Now, I need to go and teach myself how to use my serger.

Bye, for now, Tamara

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