Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ruffled Feathers

Got this dress from Buffalo Exchange a while back but I had to do something with these crazy poofy sleeves.

So I chopped them off. A simple quick fix. Just had to hem the dress and the armholes.

All better now.
More here.


  1. Those sleeves were dreadful! It's darling without them. Great colour, amazing look.

  2. Following your blog for quite a while now, I am always amazed at what you can do with those night-shirty, tent-like dresses. This one is another great example. I just wondered whether it wouldn't be even better if you took off the top panel and let the ruffles be the neckline?

  3. Yay!! this is very cool! what a find!!! You were one of the first people i saw on (that other site....) and you had transformed the chambray blue dress into a mini dress and teamed it with a cute cardi!!!! I thought wow! i would have just walked past that dress!! You made me take a "look outside the square" and take a second look at those "will anyone love me again like they did in the 80's, dresses". xx love ya work

  4. At first I thought why cut off the sleeves they look cute. Then I looked again and realized they made the dress look like a nightgown. Great work!