Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rompers & Undies

I fell in love with this pattern a few weeks ago at one of our local thrift shops. I have so many pictures of myself as a kid wearing this style of shorts and tanks, typical 80's kids wear. I knew that I had to make a speedsuit (romper) for Charlotte.

This interlock came from the remnant bib. I LOVE remnant bin shopping. I used bias tape for the binding and ties since I couldn't find any fold over braid at the store and I didn't feel like ordering any.

This interlock came from the thrift store. I've been really lucky at finding great fabrics at my local thrift stores.

I also made another batch of undies for Charlotte. Three of the pairs are made from thrift shop fabric and the other two are made from remnant bin fabric.

I used fold over elastic for this batch and I think that the edges look fantastic. They really look professionally finished.



  1. you sure have been busy! It's nice to make little panties, they are too expensive to buy.

  2. They do. It almost makes me brave enough to try making some for myself.