Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Hello There

Well Im a bit late on the introductions but better late than never.
Im Angie. Im a twenty something nursing student from Az. I blog at SewIThought.com

Here's my first project.
I got this dress from a thrift store a couple months ago for a buck. I liked the print but obviously it wasn't gona work without some real effort.

The drop-waist style added a bit of difficulty if I wanted to keep this as a dress so instead I cut it in half and made one elastic waist skirt and one sleeveless blouse.

Now I have two pieces that can be worn separately or together. Endless possibilities!!

You can see more on my blog. I am having a giveaway this week so come on over and add your input!!


  1. I agree, very cute and versatile

  2. I love the coordinating pieces! I have to say, I've always loved your projects... and I'm so jealous at all the cool stuff you find in your thrift stores!

  3. This is an amazing DIY. To get such great separates from one piece is genius! Must get myself a sewing machine :)

    Thanks for the follow and good luck with the give-away on my blog :)