Monday, April 26, 2010

Dowdy Sweater to Flirty Crop

This weekend we went to the American Legion rummage sale and this dowdy green 100% new wool sweater made in Ireland for approx 50 cents. I loved the color and the weave, but the wrist length sleeves and long body (with front pockets) make a fat figure look worse. The first thing I did was to cut it to about waist length. I folded the hem over and sewed it down. Next, I trimmed the arms about half-way up and repeated the hem process on those. This made an unexpected ruffle effect that I kind of like. I know wool is itchy so I lined the inside of the collar with a cream lace ruffle. I just folded and hand stitched it into place. It used a yard of vintage lace that came in a huge bag that I got for $2, so I'd approximate the cost at maybe 5 or 6 cents. The total cost of redoing the sweater comes to around 60 cents, and that's estimating high.


  1. oh the dreams I have of being good at sewing.
    one day,


    love the blog! keep shining

    xoxo kisses!
    hope to hear from you :)

  2. Cute! I like how the unexpected ruffling turned out.