Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Dress Recon

Hello again!
These dresses are becoming a regular thing for me! Whack something on the top of a skirt and VOILA! - Dress!!
THis one is still a work in progress. I bought the skirt at a car boot sale, i thought it was kinda interesting with its jaggered hem. You may recognise the top bit, its the leftover from the other dress i made. I was like......hmmm, what can i do with this leftover piece?! Then i remembered the skirt and kinda thought it might go together! The tie is a tie and also the tie around neck. im going to put some thin elastic around top to help shape and support the top a bit. What you think? Interesting??? any suggestions welcome xx


  1. This is so beautiful! Great combination.

  2. Orange is my fave, so I am definitely on board with this one!