Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Howdy Y'all

I had to do a quick intro and say hi since I jut checked my emails and am joining the creative juices with all of you. I can't even tell you how excited I am.

I'm B. Just plain and simple. One letter. It's super easy to spell. I'm a mama of two little ones, a boy and a girl, as well as a little angel. I'm a Canadian gal nestled in close to the Rocky Mountains who sews whenever life gives me a chance, it's my addiction in life, truly.

Recently I was peeking in my sparse closet looking for something terrific to wear when I noticed something sad, I had so little to choose from. I decided that I was going to change that and announced to my husband that I was going to have a whole new wardrobe and that I could have ANYTHING I wanted IIIIIIFFFFFF I made it myself. Not a bad deal I figure. My husband's a good man and agreed instantly. So, my journey to a new and fantastic wardrobe has just begun. What a perfect time to find you guys!

If you're wondering where else you can find me hop over to Sweet Limes. That's where I make myself at home and talk about anything creative in my life. I love meeting people through blogging, and finding those rare gems that you just click with. I promise I'm friendly and though I may nibble now and than I don't bite. You can say hi, ask questions, whatever you want.

Anyhooo....I think that's it you guys.


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