Monday, April 12, 2010

Shirt Recon

THis was a dress with a large ruffle on the bottom and long puffy sleeves. It was all a little much going on really, so i whipped off the ruffle and sleeves and bias binded the bottom and sleeve edges, the front is a LITTLE revealing so definitely needs some sort of slip or singlet under it. Kinda cute over jeans i thought. You cant really see by the photos but it has tiny clusters of flowers on it in pinks,mustard andwatermelon with green leaves.


  1. so cute! It looks great on you! I love your poses, you look like you are having alot of fun!

  2. thanks Ann,
    Karen and I were having a good ole laugh. The more we tried to pose the more "unnatural" it looked so the photos that we liked the most in the end were the ones where we didnt take ourselves so seriously. it was all smoke and mirrors really, sucking in the tum, hoisting up the boobs!!...........

  3. I love the bias trim and the wrap/v-neck shape is great!