Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jeans too small and the Garderobe!!

I couldnt pass up these Wrangler jeans at the market for 2 bux.....when i got home i tried them on, they fit great if i choose not to walk or sit.. WAH!!! so this is what I did

I cut a seam down the middle right through the waistband all the way down  to the hem

Found some black lace and sewed it to a strip of recycled denim,  the length of the jeans

While the seams were open I 'graffiti stitched" the legs

and now that ive added about 7cm 3inches i can move!!! and sit and jump!!!!

YAY yur welcome to come look at my blog ......the dodgy pics are there lol.....
I was googling some medieval terms for a friend who is writing a book....and guess what I found
check out what a "garderobe" really is.... OH MY!!! LOL


  1. Nice save for jeans! I like the added stitching detail.

  2. That was brave! I don't know that I'd have ever even thought of trying such a fix, but now maybe I will.