Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, I've just joined. Been reading some of your posts and cant wait to join in, although I'm not too good at taking before piccies of things!

I've been a member of the WR site on and off for a while, but have been looking round for something similar but not just for clothes, and I found you. I knit, crochet (but not too much) and sew absolutely loads. My poor machine has been on and off the dining table for weeks. I dont have a fancy machine, just a few basic stitches and years of getting used to it! My mum taught me to sew when I was about 6 or 7, and my gran taught me to knit. I am hoping now to pass on these skills to my children and grandchildren (but they're a bit young yet).

I am a mum of 4, but 2 are grown-up with kids of their own, 2 little 'uns at home and 3 grandchildren. Being a grannie is great, but I usually have to guess their sizes when making anything as their mum's dont seem to own a tape measure (maybe thats a good idea for Xmas!).

I am very proud to say that this year I have made a good 95% of my daughters summer wardrobe, either from scratch or using old clothes re-used. I am in the process of making myself a shirt-dress for an up-coming wedding, but I decided to alter the pattern slightly which wasn't too difficult. Unfortunately the material I bought is a big, erm, slippy and it has caused a few silent swear words. I'll post a piccie when its done.

Right, I'll stop rambling and looking forward to reading more of your items, sharing some of mine and generally being part of this great community.
Caroline :)

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