Saturday, April 24, 2010

Walkaway dress: Complete

Hey guys. I finished the walkaway dress. There are a couple of things I would still change. As we cinch it in quite tight the front pieces overlap which means only one piece of binding is visible. This really bugs me so next time I think I would bind it in the same material as the dress. Also I really need to make a slit for one of the ties to pass through as wrapping it over is a little bulky and again interferes with the way the binding is visible. However from a fitting point of view it is much much better. I could do with working on the darts but that is an ongoing thing with me. I need them but man I don't like them :o) So here is the finished dress. Please ignore the slightly wonky photo. I swear it is straight I was just tired and slouchy I think hehehe

For more pics please go here.

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