Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homemade Hair Clips

Now that my baby girl has enough hair, I am so excited that I can put clips in it! It helps to stop comments like, "Oh, how old is he?" To which I want to reply, "Oh, you mean the "he" in the pink dress?" People. If only everyone were perfect like me.=)

Okay anyway... I got a pack of alligator clips as Michael's and a pack of snap clips at the dollar store and yesterday I tried my hand as some girly hair clips. I love how cute they turned out and so super easy! All you need is ribbon and hot glue.

For this one I glued yellow ribbon on an alligator clip.  Then I took a thin strip of knit fabric, folded it in half (so the edges were both facing down) and rolled it.  Then covered the bottom in glue and stuck it on the clip.  Possibly my favorite so far! So bright and cheerful.

And this one...come on how stinkin' adorable is this?  Two pieces of red ribbon hot glued in a circle and a stripe of black at the top.  What was that...5 minutes?  So fun!
For this one I used my ruffle foot and sewed a stripe of material then wound it into a circle and added a vintage button.  Ohh, I'm on a roll and dinner might never get done=)

A few inches of black ribbon and one button later...I had a clip that was meant for Bella but...
was stolen by mamma=)  

Okay, if you have been wanting to try your hand at little girl clips - go for it!  It is so fun to see what you can come up with.  



  1. Love it! The ladybug one is my favorite I think.

  2. So cute! I love the ladybug and the pink ruffled button!

  3. Ive never seen a ladybug clip like that! cool!!

  4. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing. I like the ladybird one too.